Christmas greetings

As you see we listen to our favorites,
thank you for being with us, we’ll record a new LP for you in 2021This is the logo of Moyogiband emphasizes the signature

– Everything is fine. – he said indie music track

Krisztina Hegyi at SZIGET festival the drummer of Moyogi indie music band. She writes lyrics.

Secondary logo of Moyogi indie music band.– Everything is fine. – he said – Just the sky tries to be bled. I’ll take you to the French wine land. Those glasses in your hand as if they were older. From there the troubles seem smaller. Your soul will shrink and the rest will fit comfortably in your chest.
– I was tired and burned out. – she said – Somebody is playing hide-and-seek in my head, but if we go, I’m sure I’ll be glad. I didn’t have what everyone had. The distance will bring me closer to people, my soul’ll be just enough to fit comfortably in my chest.
She swallowed icicles successively through her throat and now there’s fucking cold in her tummy.
– It will heat up over time – she said – and then you can explode in my mouth again.
We saw that poor man moored to a tree yesterday. In turn, he just muttered softly, quoting from the Bible. Unexpectedly we got over to the present day, no wall. He has disappeared, not knowing who let him go, if he is alive at all.
Please, dance to me, please, dance to me. Only the sizzle gets into my mind. I can’t hear your voice, I try to find. Please, dance to me, serve my 5 o’clock tea.

The new indie music track ‘Hide-and-Seek’ will be released soon!- This is the logo of Moyogiband emphasizes the signature


Pavel Trencsík musicuan artis and songwriter on the picture with guitar at home studio, working. comeherefloydLogo of music blog 'comeherefloyd' – about MOYOGI ‘Hopeland’ “Seven parts, every one minute, on every part is a story behind. It’s an idyllic moment, impressions about how strong is our love to people.” The duo behind the project named MOYOGI, as every single comes to pass, delivers with bigger ambitions and sophistication. The melodic teases of ‘Hopeland’, is a familiarity of scents, that dilate into a coaxing thrill of each second of anticipation. Like a breath of freshness of love; or the ham-strung inquisition of a love lost – the valadictorian-like agitation of wants and desires, dangle for all to see in ‘Hopeland’. The deepest and most introspective of MOYOGI’s offerings (among their string of introspective offerings), a lightness and airiness sprite off of the brushes like touches of fulfillments and a pause for absorption.

we think this is really true of them: ‘A music and culture curation advocate.’ – thank you for your kind words CHFThis is the logo of Moyogiband emphasizes the signature

I’m just a throne invader.

Art cover of the track 'Cold Cave' by Moyogi indie music band. Black and white melanchilc photo. A girl is allone and sad on the pic.

Official logo of Moyogi indie music band.I’m just a throne invader. Your eyes seem like small disaster. Can you hear my quiet words? And at all understand two thirds? Please, don’t fight for me. My mind is unbearable tragedy. Fill the time and catch the voice, this is the most obvious choice. You chose a lamb from the Earth, it wasn’t a difficult search.. MORE  indie music

Cold Cave  is our favorit now btw – This is the logo of Moyogiband emphasizes the signature