– Everything is fine. – he said – Just the sky tries to be bled. I’ll take you to the French wine land. Those glasses in your hand as if they were older. From there the troubles seem smaller. Your soul will shrink and the rest will fit comfortably in your chest.
– I was tired and burned out. – she said – Somebody is playing hide-and-seek in my head, but if we go, I’m sure I’ll be glad. I didn’t have what everyone had. The distance will bring me closer to people, my soul’ll be just enough to fit comfortably in my chest.
She swallowed icicles successively through her throat and now there’s fucking cold in her tummy.
– It will heat up over time – she said – and then you can explode in my mouth again.
We saw that poor man moored to a tree yesterday. In turn, he just muttered softly, quoting from the Bible. Unexpectedly we got over to the present day, no wall. He has disappeared, not knowing who let him go, if he is alive at all.
Please, dance to me, please, dance to me. Only the sizzle gets into my mind. I can’t hear your voice, I try to find. Please, dance to me, serve my 5 o’clock tea.